Why you should attend: Solution Providers


Our format produces tangible results. Within twelve months of attending a recent forum, an average of 93% of the decision makers who attended were doing business with one solution provider they met; 88% were doing business with two solution providers; and 62% were doing business with at least five solution providers.

But that’s not the whole story.

In addition to gaining unequaled access to key decision makers, attending [BE] Midmarket CMO Forum as a solution provider is an excellent way for you to stay on top of the industry. Sponsoring the forum and getting to know the marketing decision makers who attend it will build brand recognition for your company and establish relationships that can last for years. Many solution providers who have sponsored in the past consider the forum to be a cornerstone of their annual marketing and networking efforts.

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Every marketing decision maker who attends [BE] Midmarket CMO Forum is qualified by our team for appropriate Budget size, decision-making Authority, defined business Need, and identified reasonable Timeline. As a solution provider, you engage with a group of select marketing decision maker at a key point in their purchase process—as they are researching new solutions—building your lead base and accelerating your sales pipeline.

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We invite marketing decision makers to the forum who can have a significant impact on your business. A key factor for us in the recruiting phase is making sure that participants have the proper position within their organizations. At a recent forum, 63% of the decision makers were CMOs, 22% were SVPs/VPs, and 24% were Directors.

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We take great care to identify and invite marketing decision makers and solution providers that accurately represent the midmarket; this creates natural synergy in the needs and interests of the entire group.

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Attendance at [BE] Midmarket CMO Forum is by invitation—if you have an interest in joining us, simply fill out the Solution Provider Interest Form. We will take a look and get back to you asap.