[BE] Midmarket CMO Forum

Because Business Is Personal


Private boardroom meetings are the cornerstone of the forum, in which marketing decision makers and solution providers meet with a carefully curated group of like-minded peers to discuss the latest technologies and recent trends. Our team pioneered this format, which has been perfected for the [BE] Midmarket CMO Forum. These meetings are an intimate format for select groups of marketing decision makers to meet with leading solution providers, to discuss specific technologies and explore joint business development opportunities. There are also several leadership workshops on market trends, one-to-one appointments between marketing decision makers, solution providers, and industry analysts, as well as peer-moderated roundtable sessions … thoughtfully scheduled with casual networking events.


Midmarket companies have very specific needs that make them unique. Their scale requires technology solutions that are as robust as those needed by the largest enterprises … while at the same time requiring service levels, pricing schedules, and product features personal enough for a smaller companies. When you attend the [BE] Midmarket CMO Forum, you will be be introduced to a carefully selected group of the most innovative people and companies focused on the midmarket.


It takes incredible focus, energy, and talent to bring valuable new innovations to the market. The next challenge is to identify the specific organizations that may be interested in your innovations … and to then obtain personal meetings with those that have matching needs and budgets. It can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. When you attend [BE] Midmarket CMO Forum, we will personally connect you with people and companies that can make a difference for your business, and provide coaching to make sure that your presentation has the proper impact.


October  23-25, 2016

[BE] Midmarket CMO Forum runs from Sunday through Tuesday, with an optional debrief for
marketing decision makers on Wednesday morning. Each day is fully planned from morning through evening with activities,
from private boardrooms and roundtable discussions to workshops and keynote addresses.



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[BE] Midmarket CMO Forum is an invitation-only event. Let us know if 
you are interested in joining us—we would love to talk about it with you.

About Boardroom Events

We believe the world is made better when leading organizations share best practices.We believe that talented, intelligent people love to share their ideas with other talented, intelligent people.We believe that the exchange of open dialogue among peers improves industries.We believe that high-touch, purpose-built, market-specific Forums are the most productive way to inspire relationships.We believe these things because we believe that business is personal.
We produce Forums for leading business decision makers and solution providers to meet, share, and build relationships. The heart of the forum is the private boardroom format. It is our innovation, and has proven to be an incredibly productive method for networking and business development.Our clients are passionate people bent on changing the world. They take their business seriously, as we do, too. And like them, we like to let our hair down a little … once in a while, anyway.