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Driving Marketing Excellence: Learn from Best-In-Class Organizations


Marketing teams must use both data and metrics to demonstrate progress

VisionEdge recently released the 15th Annual Marketing Performance Management (MPM) Benchmarking Study conducted in partnership with Demand Metric. The ongoing study “How to Make Progress on Your Marketing Excellence Journey” strives to understand how marketing organizations can accomplish superior performance measurement, management and function as Centers of Excellence.

Boardroom Events is proud to continue our partnership with Laura Patterson and the team at VisionEdge Marketing as we work feverishly through the summer to build the most compelling agenda for this October’s Midmarket CMO Forum in San Antonio.

Patterson likened the report’s findings to The Jeannette Expedition - an eight-day northern arctic trek in which the team was inadvertently back tracking farther south - serves as a metaphor for this year’s MPM Benchmark study.

Though they marched feverishly toward achieving marketing excellence, this year’s study reveals that while some marketers made great progress, much of it was illusory.

One of the primary reasons was the intense focus on data without validating that the metrics were right. The hard lesson here is that marketing organizations that want to earn or keep their seat at the corporate leadership table must focus on both sides of the analytics coin: data and metrics. Failure to do so creates the appearance of progress without actual results.

The goal of the annual benchmark study is to reveal how marketing organizations can achieve best-in-class performance measurement and management, become recognized as a Center of Excellence, and experience the benefits that come with that.

As part of the Third Thursday Virtual Roundtable series, Laura is offering a first look on Thursday, July 21 at 2 pm EST at the results of the joint study to showcase:

  • What leading marketing organizations do better and differently to earn and keep their seat at the leadership table
  • How to achieve best-in-class performance measurement and management
  • Crucial steps toward becoming a recognized as a Center of Excellence


San Antonio | October 23 — 25, 2016

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