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Videos push positive marketing metrics


Nearly two thirds of the CMOs and heads of marketing gathered this Spring in Orlando at the Midmarket CMO Forum were actively seeking video production solutions to incorporate into their marketing strategy.

Additionally, more than half of those executives reported an uptick in budget allocation for 2016.

What’s triggered this increased confidence in marketing?

A study commissioned by Microsoft in 2015 asserts that the average human attention span has shrunken to less than that of a goldfish – from 12 seconds to eight seconds.

Marketers have mere nanoseconds to capture our wandering minds and eyes, much less keep it for longer than eight seconds, and videos are among the most powerful marketing tools to cut through the noise of our over-digitized environments.

A testimonial quote is great, but all to often, it blurs with the rest of the text in the most carefully crafted, well-intentioned email or webpage.

Put a face and a voice behind the powerful words of a customer testimonial, and marketers can create an emotional connection with viewers.

However contracting with a professional videography team can be costly and incredibly time consuming. Midmarket companies rarely have budget to send a team half way across the country (or even the globe!) to produce Hollywood-quality cinematography with one of their customers. Days turn into weeks and months in the recording, editing and proofing process. Six months pass and you’ve got a few minutes of footage that’s dated by the time it’s ready to be used.

Impatient with the pace of creative production, Switch Video CEO Brandon Houston brought 15 years of online marketing experience to his video animation company that produces simple explainer videos in a compelling format.

Their energetic, in-house team of producers, scriptwriters and animators take the time to thoroughly understand a business’s core mission and then carefully craft an engaging video to drive better marketing metrics.

There’s a sense of partnership that’s often challenging for leading providers of solutions and services in the midmarket space to convey beyond just making the sale.

Speaking of partnerships, Switch partners with video marketing integrator Vidyard for effective delivery of those killer explainer videos across multiple channels for marketing campaigns.

In a time when star-studded GIFs are unabashedly integrated into a company’s subscription pages and blog posts, it’s time for marketers to consider flexible video marketing tools that push the bounds of traditional style.

San Antonio | October 23 — 25, 2016

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