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Marketing collaboration supports sales growth


Within six months of joining Advanced Technology Services as the VP of Marketing, Jeff Kosiorek hit the ground running on a sales and marketing pipeline development initiative for the global manufacturing services company. 

Step one of the project was a CRM Maturity Assessment utilizing Demand Metric tools to determine the existing state of their salesforce.com system and users’ understanding of the tool leveraged as part of their daily process. This assessment not only included marketing, but the sales managers across the business as well so they could get a 360-degree look at the entire lifecycle of a lead, prospect and customer.

“The assessment covered 76 questions across a range of categories such as process maturity, CRM analytics, performance measurement and more,” Kosiorek explained. “We ranked lower than we would have wanted, but knowing our weaknesses enabled us to know where we could work to improve.”

Through the summer of 2015, NEXMachine worked to reconfigure ATS’s salesforce.com instance with the goal of easing data entry for field sales representatives to better manage prospect relationships, opportunities and contact data. They also did the dirty work of cleaning antiquated and duplicate data plaguing the current system.

Kosiorek and his team opted to partner with NEXmachine due to a specialization in short and long term salesforce.com optimization projects as well as a robust and well-rounded service offering. NEXMachine then helped to develop mandatory, hands-on training workshops at ATS’s Peoria headquarters and Chicago regional office for roughly 70 licensed Salesforce users.

“NEXMachine assisted us with cross-training, and we continue to use them to this day for their technical expertise in and around the salesforce.com system,” Kosiorek continued.

Phase two included adding a CRM Administrator and Campaigns Manager to his team in Q4. The new administrator then built a mature lead nurturing process and further defined the stages of sales and funnel activities. Taking into consideration a clean lead hand-off between marketing and sales, this new process was then finalized and communicated to the sales and marketing teams through a series of meetings and lunch-and-learns.

The marketing and sales initiative was not a “one and done” investment.

Ninety days after the newly optimized CRM systems was launched in October 2015, Kosiorek had the same sales managers take a new assessment using the same criteria and successfully raised the score by 15 points, seeing the largest increase in success around three critical areas: Senior Management Commitment, Enabling User Training and Knowledge Creation.

On deck for 2016 is the development of a three-year CRM and marketing campaign plan that will include continuous improvement of the salesforce.com instance, monthly campaign calendars and sales development planning as well as building out ATS’s business intelligence function that was launched in late 2015.

Like many marketing executives in the midmarket space, Kosiorek leveled that data management and integration is a double-edged sword.

“We want to be sure we’re pulling the correct insights from all this data and integrating Salesforce with other business and accounting systems so there is one source of truth for the business as a whole. We don’t want to spin our wheels on things that won’t pay dividends in the long run or contribute to our overall growth strategy.”

San Antonio | October 23 — 25, 2016

Blair Shiver
Blair Shiver
Blair is a communications specialist with 15 years experience in the print media sector. Prior to joining Boardroom Events, she was a member of an accomplished sales team in the New York City real estate market. Much of her spare time is spent working with local and regional non-profits to help underserved children and promote sustainable development.​
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