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Virtual roundtables are dynamic presentation and live networking events.
We have made the expert presentation segments of previous recordings available for viewing below.

Engin Kirda

Malware Gone Wild: Evolved to Evade Detection October 9 | 2pm ET/ 11am PT | 1 hour | REGISTER

The Presentation
Advanced malware is behind many headline-grabbing cyber attacks, and untold others. Upon entry, malware can lay dormant until the creator executes an attack. Some malware, like GoZeus and Cryptolocker, now function symbiotically with one type facilitating distribution of another type that exploits the compromised system.

Organizations respond with sophisticated security tools and threat response teams, but in the never-ending digital arms race, cyber criminals are now creating malware that can detect detection.

The Presenter
Join your CIO peers and Dr. Engin Kirda, Director of Northeastern Information Assurance Institute, who will reveal new insights into the evolution of advanced malware based on billions of files and URLs scanned in the wild and analyzed.

In addition to his role as Chief Architect at Lastline, Dr. Kirda is Professor of Computer Science at Northeastern University in Boston. He previously held faculty positions at Institute Eurecom in the French Riviera and the Technical University of Vienna, where he co-founded the Secure Systems Lab now distributed over five institutions in Europe and the U.S.

Dr. Kirda’s recent research has focused on malware analysis and detection, web application security, and practical applications of social networking security, which he will discuss as a distinguished panelist at the Enterprise Mobility Forum.


Amy Vande Klippe

Get Your Apps in Gear: Ensure Your Applications are Driving Business Forward October 2 | 2pm ET/ 11am PT | 1 hour | REGISTER

The Presentation
Application portfolio management is nearly impossible to perform without an honest and thorough understanding of end user sentiment toward IT software. Data driven insights will help you decide which applications to retire, upgrade, re-train on or maintain, to meet the demands of the business.

How do you assess your application portfolio within your organization?

Join your CIO peers and Amy Vande Klippe, Program Operations Manager at Info-Tech Research Group, to discuss the health of application portfolios and how to identify opportunities to drive more value from effective applications and immediately address at-risk apps that aren’t meeting expectations.

The Presenter
Amy Vande Klippe is the Program Operations Manager for the suite of Diagnostic programs offered by Info-Tech Research Group. She has contributed to the design and operationalization of these revolutionary products and is the subject matter expert for those looking to learn about them.

Amy has been a member of the Info-Tech team since 2009 and throughout that time has contributed to corporate strategy and product development. Her experience as a Consulting Analyst, Business Analyst and Operations Manager make her well versed in the challenges IT departments face.



Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 11.21.52 AM

Techno-Speak: Translating IT for Non-Tech Execs   July 31 | 11am PT / 2 pm ET | 1 hour

The Presentation

Communication is critical in all business activities and helping non-technical peers understand the need and value of IT is no exception. Whether you’re negotiating a budget or mapping a project timeline, it’s vital that everyone is speaking the same language. Just as a guide is critical for hiking an unfamiliar trail, your non-technical peers need guidance - and perhaps even some translation - for successful IT initiatives.

The Presenter

Linda Hughes, author of “CEO’s Secrets to IT Success” highlights some critical elements for effective communication! With over 25 years experience in company operations, particularly business strategy, operational planning, revenue generation and IT management, some of Hughes’ past roles include: Divisional CIO for the Coca-Cola Company; VP of Technology Practice & CIO at The North Highlands Co; and most recently, CIO for AIG Agency Auto.

CRM-Legacy ERP Integration


Trouble at the Playground: Integrating Cloud-based Solutions with Legacy Systems

The Presentation
The IT world is full of cloud-based solutions promising to be quick, flexible and value-driven. Legacy implies slow, inflexible systems with an anchor of hardware and dedicated resources dragging behind them. As IT executives, we’re charged with implementing, integrating and supporting both. Coming to terms with the new technologies and awareness of attributes common to many Legacy systems will help break the inertia and move your organization forward.

The Presenter

Brad Cackler, Director of IT at Cascade Microtech, Inc. speaks to how integrating Legacy ERP was critical to the success of a global CRM implementation for his company. A Native of the Pacific Northwest, Brad holds a B.A. in Economics and is a graduate of the Oregon Executive MBA program. During his 20+ years in IT, he’s led teams implementing and managing strategic business applications (ERP, EAI, CRM, e-commerce) for high tech companies like Radisys, Intel, Sage Software and Cascade Microtech. As a champion of the business value of IT, Brad has built up and leveraged a combination of business and IT acumen through the integration of eight domestic and international acquisitions.




Turning Data into Decisions: Improving Today’s Analytics for Shop Floor to Top Floor Decision Making

The Presentation
Most organizations are rich in Enterprise and Business Applications, and generate a tremendous amount of data. However despite the advances in Systems, Big Data, Analytics, Reporting, few organizations are able to directly correlate Shop Floor data generated from transactional systems to Top Floor decision making insights. Data Integrity, Business Ownership, Different Metric definitions across the organization are often the key reasons for these challenges.

The Presenter
V. Balaji is the CIO at Tata Technologies where he is responsible for the flow of information, coordination, assessment, and synchronization of all organization policies and standardization requirements for the entire information enterprise. Mr. Balaji brings more than 18 years of IT and process re-engineering and transformation experience to his role. Prior to his 2007 appointment as CIO, Mr. Balaji led the INCAT Enterprise Solutions Group. His distinguished career includes leadership roles at Harman/Becker Automotive Systems, Inc.; Anchor Glass Container Corporation; and the Ladish Co., Inc. Mr. Balaji possesses broad IT knowledge from his long history in the aerospace, automotive, and consumer goods sectors.

Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 1.35.53 PM

Succession Planning and Mapping IT Talent

Strategy. Vision. Execution. Alignment. These are serious business terms, with each representing complex challenges to conquer. What is striking, however, is how often these hard issues are linked to successful companies. Based on i4cp’s decades of research, high-performance organizations establish clear strategic visions, align their workforce to that vision and execute accordingly. It sounds simple, but most companies struggle to master this formula.

This session covers:

  • What high performance teams are doing to address IT Talent Gaps
  • Talent Mapping: Training & filling critical roles in your organization
  • Implications for a CIO in Aligning IT roles to corporate needs

Journey from Reporting to Business Intelligence to Analytics

The Presentation
Everyone is at a different stage in their quest for the insights that will provide competitive advantage. If you try to compare yourself to others in your industry, you either come up short, or you feel like you are over-spending for what you have - or possibly both. The journey from reporting to business intelligence to analytics is unique to the set of circumstances we face as business leaders, and to the industries that we serve.

David Judson, Sr. Director, Reporting and Data Management, Analytics Center of Excellence at The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company will kick off the conversation discussing how The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company is leveraging business intelligence in their organization to better enable their decision making.

The Presenter
David Judson is the Sr Director at the Scotts Miracle-Gro Company. As a member for the Analytics Center of Excellence and leader of the Reporting and Data Management team, David will share some of the history and challenges he has faced during his journey, which he humbly acknowledges is far from complete.

Avoid the 5 Gotchas of App Dev Agreements

The Presentation
Starting the conversation, Attorney Michael Overly presents how to avoid the “5 Gotchas” that will help craft successful app dev agreements. Overly covers questions you should ask and reach consensus and tips to ensure the breadth and depth of your vision can navigate the gotchas as you are building your app dev agreements.

The Presenter
Michael Overly is an author, award winner and member of the Technology Transactions & Outsourcing Group at Foley & Lardner LLP.

Overly’s practice focuses on counseling clients regarding technology transactions, intellectual property development, information security, and electronic commerce. Mr. Overly is one of the few practicing lawyers who has satisfied the rigorous requirements necessary to obtain multiple certifications: CISA, CISSP, ISSMP, CRISC, and CIPP