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Technology Partnerships: Who’s in Your Corner?

Every organization finds itself teetering between maintaining current tools and technology verses upgrading to new solutions. While staying abreast of new offerings and knowing which ones may be applicable to your organization, never discount the importance of the partner involved. When selecting a software solution, it’s crucial to remember the personnel behind the solution that […]
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Customer-Centric Security

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 By Harrison Lewis, CIO, Northgate Markets   The data we protect is not our own. But the responsibility to protect it is. As the person who heads up information technology, and therefore information security, for a retail company, I get a mild case of heartburn each time I read headlines about data breaches affecting my […]
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Innovation Doesn’t Happen by Accident

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History is littered with stories of great breakthroughs that happened by accident. Columbus thought he was sailing to India but ended up finding North America. Penicillin was the result of some dirty petri dishes. The Slinky was the result of a naval engineer dropping a tension spring and realizing it could hypnotically bounce back and […]
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If You Build It, You Will Sell

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   By Charles Badoian, President, Boardroom Events   This week, we found out that GM has spent the past three years building an in-house development team to tackle a massive IT infrastructure challenge: the launch of an online sales initiative that takes GM’s brand even closer to customers. This technology solution to a business challenge […]
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Cyber Security Curveball

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Hospital patients, busy parents, holiday shoppers and university students - this year’s rash of data breaches prove we’re all increasingly more vulnerable to victimization as part of large scale cyber attacks. Following Target’s infamous breach in late 2013, lingering concerns over cyber security have accelerated  to the forefront for IT and business leaders when the retailer […]
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