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Endpoint Security – Know the Basics and How They Impact Business


Security is top of mind for today’s CIO/CISO and endpoints are the new target. Criminals are targeting employees and using their devices to gain access to networks. Compromise is inevitable but a breach can be prevented. Anti-virus solutions are important but they no longer offer complete protection to the organization.

As Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and massive data breaches continue to dominate the security headlines, new solutions are emerging to protect individuals and organizations at the point-of-entry. The security market is flooded with startups and established players pitching security solutions that fortify endpoints.

Here is a bit of high level information to help you gain an understanding of what this all means for you and your organization.

The Basics

What is considered an endpoint? 

Endpoints can be laptops, tablets, mobile devices, point-of-sale (POS) terminals, card readers, medical equipment, etc. Simply put, and endpoint can be defined as any internet enabled device that is used to access your network. The modern automobile can be an endpoint if it is connected.

What’s all the fuss about and why do I need to be concerned? 

You are a target, yes you! In fact, we are all targets.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has brought upon us new points of entry for the modern day hacker. These thieves have evolved and have ways to access protected data like never before. Hackers are keen on steeling data for it has value on the black market and a quick, rather lucrative buck can be “earned”.

Credit cards and healthcare records are being stolen and traded at alarming rates. Of course, the hacktivists and nation states have their motives as well. None of us want to be the next breach victim and the endpoint is the new focus for the advanced hacker.

Chances are that you’ve got your network covered from a security perspective, so what’s next.

Why am I not covered by my anti-virus solution?

The fact is that anti-virus solutions are only effective against known threats. If a threat is not on a definition list your antivirus will miss it. What about APT’s and Zero Day Attacks? Antivirus will not help here. Only an effective endpoint solution will stop the latest threats and prevent a breach.  Securing the endpoint will limit exposure and compliment your existing antivirus solutions.

Do Your Homework on the ETDR Market

The Endpoint Threat Detection & Response (ETDR) market is exploding and this means you have many options to consider when seeking to protect your endpoints. The good news is that not all solutions need to be costly investments but many times, you do get what you pay for.

Knowing where to look and what to look for can be difficult on your own. Peers will be discussing many security topics at the upcoming fall Forums. “Mobile Endpoint Security: Apps and Data” is an opening roundtable topic at the Enterprise Mobility Forum; and “Mobile Security & Compliance:  Policy, Permissions, Groups, & e-Discovery” is one of many topics leading the discussion at the  Midmarket CIO Forum.

Orlando | April 3 — 5, 2016

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