Fall 2016 Midmarket CMO Award of Excellence Open for Submissions

The Award of Excellence in the Office of Midmarket CMO for the Fall 2016 Midmarket CIO Forum October 23-25 in San Antonio is open for nominations and submissions!

This distinguished award, given to an innovative marketing executive, highlights the collaboration between a solution provider and marketing team to deliver maximum business benefit. Its purpose is to commend successful individuals, teams and organizations that have embraced technology to improve their business, and share their stories with executive peers and digital teams across the midmarket spectrum.

On April 5, at the Spring 2016 Midmarket CMO Forum in Orlando, FL, Peter Sorckoff, Chief Creative Officer, EVP Brand and Marketing, Atlanta Hawks and Philips Arena was honored with the Award of Excellence in the Office of the Midmarket CMO for his partnership with MotiveQuest.

Sorckoff spearheaded a seismic shift in marketing focus that resulted in a nearly 500% increase in ticket sales as well as nearly doubling retail sales and media ratings in just one year. They used MotiveQuest to conduct 12 months of social listening around the brand, crunched the data and designed strategic marketing initiatives to better target prime demographics.

CMOs, marketing executives and their peers are eligible to submit nominations. The winner will be selected by a panel of CMO peers based on: the nature, breadth and complexity of the project; results measured in terms of performance improvement and financial benefits; and finally, the ability to characterize the project and effectively communicate its significance.


Submit your Nomination

Provide a brief description of the business unit or organization. This overview should include the mission and objectives, products and services, markets where it competes, and operational challenges.

State the issue or problem the organization recognized, addressed, and solved; such as: New Business Opportunity / Significant Growth / Process Optimization / Coat Reduction / Risk Mitigation

The specific steps and processes followed to address the challenge.

The results in terms of measurable benefits to the organization, to customers, and to the achievement of the targeted objectives. Please describe the business deliverable measured against business outcome to illustrate the impact to the business.

Peter Sorckoff, Chief Creative Officer, EVP Brand and Marketing, Atlanta Hawks and Philips Arena, was honored with the Spring 2016 Midmarket CMO Award of Excellence, for his partnership with MotiveQuest.